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Coping strategies
moderators: admin ,    
Discuss and learn about topics in regards to coping strategies for divorce and how people are dealing with divorce. Instead of becoming flustered with stress and emotion, share your experiences here and read about coping strategies on how to deal with divorce.
57 163
09-20-2020 at 19:09
by WealthyHugePenis
Dating again
moderators: admin ,    
Advice and support for dating after divorce. Moving on after divorce can be difficult. Learn and share with others how to cope with dating after a divorce.
24 71
09-22-2020 at 20:09
by Guitarguy
Dating Ideas
moderators: admin ,    
Hear your idea about first date, a date conversations, presents, wedding ideas.
3 5
10-13-2020 at 08:10
by go_to_your_room
Get over Her
moderators: admin ,    
Find help to get over your ex-girlfriend or the painful emotions after divorce. You could also offer up some of your own advice on how to get over her fast and cope with divorce. It doesn’t make sense to sit around and think about how she broke your heart, so read some first-hand break up advice and divorce advice in this section and get over her now!
4 12
09-10-2020 at 09:09
by dennehy78th
moderators: admin ,    
Whether it’s about what to do before a divorce, during a divorce, or after divorce, this is the right section. You will also find discussion threads on coping with divorce and dealing with divorce and children. Feel free to tell your story, give some advice, or just read up on the help other people have to offer from their own divorce experiences.
1 1
04-12-2013 at 09:04
by Chris_23
Break Up Nightmares
moderators: admin ,    
Break up stories from around the world! This is the place to share your worst break up story, or your best break up story. You can also read break up stories from other people and possibly walk away with some advice on how to deal with break ups in the future.
5 7
09-13-2020 at 16:09
by doctorX
moderators: admin ,    
Whether you are coping with divorce, after divorce, or anywhere in between, get some dating advice here. Even if you haven’t dealt with divorce or a serious break up, you can find some helpful dating advice and dating tips in this section.
4 7
07-15-2020 at 02:07
by Aleesha
Online Dating
moderators: admin ,    
Here you will find advice for online dating. Tell us your most interesting online dating stories, give us your advice for dating online, and read about other people’s experiences with online dating.
4 19
09-24-2020 at 15:09
by longhornleghorne
moderators: admin ,    
People generally have trouble understanding what has happened to their relationships, or even what is going on in current relationships, so use this section to understand what others have gone through and share your own relationship stories. Even if you are coping with divorce, going through a break up, or experiencing life after divorce, we want you to share your advice and questions here.
15 46
09-30-2020 at 07:09
by sebastianBW
Ask Men
moderators: admin ,    
This section is dedicated to questions for men, questions that only men could answer. This section can include questions about relationships, coping with divorce, sex – as long as the questions and comments are geared towards men. Even if you are a woman curious about men’s perspective on something, leave your comments here.
3 13
08-25-2020 at 01:08
by codybiltmore
Ask Women
moderators: admin ,    
Here is the section where men and women can ask questions and converse about issues women would know about. Women have their own unique experiences when dealing with break ups, life after divorce, dating, etc., so don’t miss this chance to discuss these issues here with women all over the world.
5 12
09-16-2020 at 12:09
by doctorX
moderators: admin ,    
No matter what issues you are dealing with in your life, there must always be room for keeping your health. Use this section to discuss ways to maintain your healthy lifestyle when you are dealing with the end of a relationship. Whether you are coping with divorce, dealing with life after divorce, or just a simple break up, use this section to discuss tips and share your own advice for staying healthy when it’s hardest.
1 2
11-30-2016 at 16:11
by edwardevans83ny
General Discussion
moderators: admin ,    
If there is something you want to talk about, but can’t find the right section for it, discuss it here! It doesn’t matter if you want to talk about sports, television, news, or art, you can talk about it here.
16 26
09-16-2020 at 09:09
by dennehy78th
Flirting, Is an art not a science, flirting is a skill that is never mastered but is fluid dynamic skill that must be adapted to each individual, from the Flirter to the Flirtee
2 5
10-12-2020 at 05:10
by softsoap
Life Coaching
The Right Work for Your Own Evolution. Whether it's finding a job you love, fixing your relationship, losing 30 pounds or simply being ready for the next exciting
4 11
08-25-2020 at 00:08
by codybiltmore
International Dating Podcast
Dating advice for men such as tips on approaching women, date ideas, online dating, singles travel, matchmaking services, international dating, and insights on cultural dating in different parts of the world, including tons of other dating tips for men will be covered!
1 7
10-12-2020 at 09:10
by man_about_town

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